Just Released! Washington Real Estate Practices: 30-hour Broker Prelicensing v3.0

This 30-hour, online prelicensing course covers a strong base of required core topics—including agency relationships, listing agreements, negotiations and sales techniques, residential financing, and the closing process—all crucial to any new licensee’s business within the state of Washington. The discussion includes different styles of business ethics and how they are implemented in real estate, as well as the standards of conduct included in the REB regulations. This course incorporates instructional design methods with interactive exercises and true/false questions throughout the content to reinforce learning objectives.

CONTENTS: Business Skills and Procedures ● Agency Relationship ● Listing Property ● Evaluating and Pricing Property ● Marketing Property ● Negotiation and Sales Techniques ● Purchase and Sale Agreements With Earnest Money Provisions ● Residential Financing and the Closing Process ● Real Estate Math ● Final Exam

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-9205-7
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Product Name: Washington Real Estate Practices: 30-hour Broker Prelicensing v2.0
ISBN: 0X15173323
Product Discontinuation Date: 06/01/2020