Just Released! Virginia Post-Licensing: Escrow Requirements v2.0

This 3-hour online post-licensing course covers escrow requirements and laws from the Code of Virginia. It includes discussions of deposits, trust monies, proper handling of escrow accounts, and escrow reporting requirements. Students will learn possible outcomes if potential violations of the law or regulations are discovered during an inspection, or are reported by a licensee. This course is filled with valuable information to ensure students are compliant in real estate transactions. The units include interactive exercises, true-false reading comprehension quizzes, and multiple-choice unit exams with answer rationales.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 0X32007169
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Online Course

Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Virginia Post-Licensing: Escrow Requirements v1.0
ISBN: 0X32003474
Product Discontinuation Date: 01/02/2019