Just Released! Connecticut Real Estate Practice & Law 14th Edition

This book is a strong complement for any one of our national prelicensing texts. When used together, your students will be fully prepared with all the Connecticut state-specific license laws and regulations they need to know to pass the state portion of the licensing exam. The introduction features an updated Chapter Conversion Table.

Students will receive up-to-date state information in this new edition, including when agents must use agency agreements, municipal authority on property tax abatement, Statute of Frauds revisions, dual agency regulations, and brokerage requirements for retiree licenses and nonresident licensing.

This text also includes an updated practice exam, with answer key and rationales, to provide a more comprehensive learning experience for the student that highlights essential state-specific concepts. This edition is essential information for new students and a great refresher or reference for practitioners.

Full complement of Instructor Resources includes a PowerPoint presentation.

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Format: Book
ISBN: 978-1-4754-4675-3
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Product Name: Connecticut Real Estate Practice and Law 13th Edition
ISBN: 9781475420043
Product Discontinuation Date: 03/01/2018