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5 Steps to Getting Your Real Estate School Found on Google

Have you ever wondered why certain websites show up when you search for certain things in Google? It’s not by accident. Learn how to optimize your site for the right keywords and grow your school in the process.
Instructor leading a real estate classroom

Is There a Place for Microlearning in Real Estate Instruction?

Microlearning is the idea of breaking large, complicated curriculum into smaller bite-sized pieces. Is this just the latest fad in professional education, or could microlearning revolutionize the way we teach in the real estate education industry?
Classroom full of fully engaged students using technology

Increasing Real Estate Student Engagement with Technology

Technology is a language, and today's most successful real estate agents speak it fluently. Using technology in your pre-licensing classroom can make your students more comfortable with the tools and systems they'll be using in the field as licensed agents.
Real Estate instructor leading the class with a tablet

Real-World Ways to Enhance Real Estate Learning with Technology

There's no getting around the role that technology plays in the day-to-day lives of our students. As this technology revolution continues to unfold before our eyes, we explore how real estate instructors can take advantage of new tools to increase students' capacity to comprehend and retain what we're teaching.
Man using a smartphone in the classroom

How to Use Technology to Test Comprehension in the Real Estate Classroom

Some students simply won't participate in classroom discussion. As an instructor, that can make it difficult to determine if they're understanding what you're trying to teach. In this article we explore strategies for using technology to get students involved and make comprehension testing easy and more enjoyable.
Student Attending Real Estate Virtual Class Room Training

5 Reasons for Your School to Offer Virtual Classroom Training

Live classroom training inspires students and increases their chances of retention. But, online training is popular with students who cannot travel to classroom. Virtual classroom training offers the best of both worlds. Here are 5 reasons to consider offering it at your school.
Students participating in an unforgettable real estate classroom experience

Strategies for Creating Unforgettable Student Experiences in the Classroom

Based on the findings in the State of the Real Estate Industry Report, 2018-2019, classroom training is still viewed as key to a real estate school’s success. But with low-cost online education more available, it might seem hard to compete. Here are ways to develop an unforgettable classroom experience that can't be duplicated online.

How Your Real Estate School Can Beat Competitors by Ignoring Them

If you’re tired of duking it out with competitors in a seemingly endless battle, it’s time to adopt a business and marketing plan that’s less focused on them and more focused on your students.

Real Estate Coaching: Taking Instructing to the Next Level

Learn how to leverage your expertise as a real estate instructor into a new role, coaching your former prelicensing students to be more successful in their real estate careers.

The 5 Traits of an Effective Real Estate Instructor Today

Today, more than ever, instructors need to ensure they are tailoring their instruction to the changing needs of their students. Learn what today's most compelling and effective real estate instructors have in common.