5 Steps to Getting Your Real Estate School Found on Google

Have you ever wondered why certain websites show up when you search for certain things in Google? It’s not by accident. Learn how to optimize your site for the right keywords and grow your school in the process.
Lightbulbs signifying valuable tips for marketing real estate schools

Valuable Tips for Marketing Your Real Estate School

To recruit more students for your real estate school and beat your competitors without breaking the bank, you need to be on top of your marketing game. In this article, we share 5 tips from the Dearborn Launchpad that can help you build the right marketing strategy to meet all your goals.
Students participating in an unforgettable real estate classroom experience

Strategies for Creating Unforgettable Student Experiences in the Classroom

Based on the findings in the State of the Real Estate Industry Report, 2018-2019, classroom training is still viewed as key to a real estate school’s success. But with low-cost online education more available, it might seem hard to compete. Here are ways to develop an unforgettable classroom experience that can't be duplicated online.
Photo depicting a real estate school to show the state of the industry

Top 6 Findings from the 2018/2019 State of the Real Estate Education Industry Report

In our yearly survey, 347 real estate education professionals shared how they are doing business, what they’re teaching, and the challenges they face daily. Curious about what they had to say? This article shares the top 6 findings from the report we compiled from their answers. Be prepared for a few surprises.
Image showing strategies for competing without cutting prices

5 Strategies for Competing Against Other Real Estate Schools Without Cutting Prices

So, another real estate school in your area has reduced prices. Don’t panic. Here are 5 strategies that can deliver a competitive advantage that lasts long after the price wars are over.

How Your Real Estate School Can Beat Competitors by Ignoring Them

If you’re tired of duking it out with competitors in a seemingly endless battle, it’s time to adopt a business and marketing plan that’s less focused on them and more focused on your students.

How to Choose a Business Brokerage Firm

As difficult as it is to think of a time when your school might have to be sold, you should always be prepared for the unforseen and even the unthinkable. Selling a school is a full-time job, and it’s not something you should be trying to do while still running it. This is where a business brokerage firm comes in. This article explains what a business broker is and what you should look for in a firm.

Strategies for Recruiting Students to Attend Your Real Estate School

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the students you need to fill your classroom? This article discusses a strategy for refocusing your marketing efforts in a way that will make you stand out in the marketplace and drive new students to your school.


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