Just Released! Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois 10th Edition eBook

The latest edition of Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois is designed to meet the updated prelicensing requirements in Illinois. The book reflects the most recent legislative changes, including updates to the Real Estate License Act of 2000, and new practices in Illinois. Your students will benefit from complete coverage of topics such as agency, brokerage, license law, contracts, and financing. This text includes a full set of instructor resources, including interactive guides, for schools to access.

Just Released! Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers 43rd Edition eBook

Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers is the most comprehensive study tool available in the state for both sales associate students and broker exam candidates preparing for their license exams. Updated annually to include the latest developments in Florida real estate practice and laws, it uses a variety of study aids to enhance the concepts learned in the main text and prepare students for the licensing exam. Study aids include more than 500 sample exam questions, two 100-question practice exams, and portable glossary flashcards that serve as a convenient study tool for reviewing real estate key terms. Both sales associates and broker candidates will benefit from this text—broker candidates are also tested on sales associate material.
CA RE Princ 11e eBook

Just Released! California Real Estate Principles 11th Edition eBook

This text meets the first 45-hour requirement and is filled with the latest California-specific information, in addition to special features and real-life examples. Instructor Resources are available to fully prepare instructors for the classroom.
Ess NJ RE 14e

Just Released! Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate 14th Edition eBook

This title provides the most comprehensive and current information for your New Jersey real estate students. The topics covered parallel the state-mandated number of instructor hours, with recent updates on legislative changes, web resources, and more. Your students will receive sample real estate forms, key terms for each unit, and hundreds of questions to test their readiness for the licensing exam. A complete set of instructor resources includes two sample exams.