Are Students' Attention Spans Shrinking?

With the adoption of new technology and the age of real estate students skewing younger, some of the most time-honored instruction strategies aren't as effective as they used to be. But are the attention spans of real estate students actually shrinking?

The Top Challenges Real Estate Schools Are Anticipating in the Future

We received feedback from over 300 real estate educators on the challenges they anticipate will be of the greatest concern going forward. We’ve detailed their responses in this article.
Female real estate instructor leading class.

Strategies for Adapting to Change to Become a More Effective Real Estate Instructor

Changing for the better requires us to accept the difficult notion that the way we’ve always done things might not be the best way to do them anymore. But nothing gets better without change. It creates the opportunity to improve upon the standard and reach new heights we didn’t know were possible. If you are struggling to adapt the way you teach to the way your students learn, these strategies will help you shift your mindset and open yourself up to new possibilities.
Multigenerational adult students

Strategies for Teaching in a Multi-Generational Real Estate Classroom

The demographics of the real estate classroom are changing. This is leading to both prelicensing and CE classrooms full of students that span a larger age range than ever before. Your success as a real estate educator relies on your ability to effectively reach an entire classroom of students with different learning styles.

How to Keep Students Interested in Your School Between CE Seasons

Depending on the state you operate your school in, your students could go from six months to several years between times when they need your products. With those kinds of gaps between purchases, how do you ensure that satisfied customers will come back when it’s time to purchase again?
Trends that will affect real estate education in 2017

5 Big Trends that Will Change Real Estate Education in 2017

Heading into 2017, we are collectively at a place where we need to look critically at what we’re teaching, who is teaching it, who we are teaching it to, and how it’s being taught. Here are the 5 areas where you can expect to see real estate education evolve in the coming year.

Adults Learners versus Child Learners: The Challenge of Teaching Real Estate

Children and adults have unique characteristics and needs as students. We talked with Carmel Streater, PdD to better understand those differences, and how they should influence the way you teach a real estate course.
Retaining students for your real estate school.

Student Retention: Becoming Your Students’ Lifelong Education Provider

Learn strategies for creating the kind of real estate school that students want to attend. Find out how to retain students for the future growth of your school.
Controlling Your Audience

Controlling Your Audience Graciously

“Controlling your audience”… sounds kind of harsh, doesn’t it? Yet, if you’ve ever led a training session, you’ve probably found yourself in one of these situation where you've lost the attention of your audience.


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