Agent Success

Strategies for Developing Top Performers in Your Brokerage

If you're like most real estate brokerages, a small percentage of your agents are responsible for the largest percentage of your revenue. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn more of your agents into top performers? It will require some work, but it can be done.
Students working with an instructor in a real estate professional development course

Professional Development: Your Key to New Revenue Opportunities?

The real estate industry is incredibly competitive. Agents today need to arm themselves with a variety of skills to help differentiate and grow their business. Here are three reasons professional development could put you in a position to help them, while providing excellent new revenue streams for your real estate school.
Preparing New Licensees for the Reality of Real Estate Sales

Preparing New Licensees for the Reality of the Real Estate Business

Most people come into the real estate business certain they will be successful. But success doesn’t just happen in the real estate business. All new agents encounter setbacks they didn’t anticipate. They struggle to secure clients early on, and they sometimes feel alone and unprepared for certain challenges inherent to the profession.
The value of a personal brand in real estate.

How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand in Real Estate Sales

Whether they realize it or not, all real estate agents have a personal brand. Learn strategies all agents can use to develop a strong and lasting brand as a specialist and a real estate expert in the market they serve.
Why New Real Estate Agents Fail

The Reason New Real Estate Agents Fail and How to Fix It

Most people who start a real estate career are not set up for success from the start. What they don’t realize is that success, just like a paycheck, isn’t guaranteed when you choose to start a career in real estate.

7 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Once students pass their real estate licensing exams and become real estate agents, they are likely not provided a job description.


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