State of the Real Estate Education Industry Research Report

Just Released: 2018/2019 State of the Real Estate Education Industry Report

Dearborn’s second annual State of the Real Estate Education Industry research report is now available!

This exclusive report provides an in-depth look at the real estate education business in the United States. We surveyed 347 real estate education professionals to understand more about how they are doing business, what they’re teaching, and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Inside the report, you’ll learn:  

  • What trends are developing in the real estate education field, compared to what we found in the 2017/2018 report.
  • What other schools are teaching, and how they are adapting to technological changes in real estate education.
  • The top challenges real estate schools are facing, the challenges they anticipate encountering in the future, and the resources they turn to for support.
  • Where real estate schools are spending their marketing budget, and which specific marketing activities are working (and not working) for them.

We created this report to develop a common understanding of the elements impacting real estate education, and facilitate discussion to lead to solutions to the challenges we all have in common.

Download Your Copy of the 2018/2019 Report Below: