The value of a personal brand in real estate.

How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand in Real Estate Sales

By: Dearborn Real Estate Education

We’ve talked before about the personality and character traits that make someone more likely to be successful in real estate. Of course, some real estate professionals only possess one or two of those traits and still have a vast book of business. Others have many of the traits, but don’t really pull it all together. But there’s one thing that every long-term successful real estate professional has, whether they realize it or not: a personal brand.

The three-pronged approach outlined in this article will help you establish, develop, and maintain the expertise that you need to develop a strong and lasting brand in your region’s real estate marketplace.

Establishing Your Expertise

The personal brand of a real estate agent is not merely who they are, but also who the marketplace perceives them to be. That’s an important distinction, because expertise is often undersold in the real estate marketplace. And it’s a market that craves experts. If you have an awareness problem, it’s probably because you don’t have anything to be known for. Whether it’s working with first-time buyers, staging expertise, or a short-sale specialty, it’s incredibly valuable to be known to buyers, sellers, and other agents in the market for excelling at one or more specialized activities.

Becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight…it’s achieved through a series of interconnected behaviors and actions that collectively work together. Start with an interest. Perhaps it’s an area you already unknowingly specialize in. Is there a particular type of client or type of transaction you prefer over others? Once you’ve identified an interest, develop it. Seek out continuing education courses that speak to your chosen field of expertise. Read online resources and talk to agents outside your market who share that specialty and might be willing to give you some tips on improving your proficiency.

Find Your Soapbox

Expertise will only get you so far if nobody knows about it. Once you’ve developed a skill set of value to particular buyers and sellers, you need to verbalize it. Consider developing a set of talking points you can use when talking with leads, clients, and other agents in your market. Use the talking points in social media, in advertising, and anywhere you have an opportunity. These key messages will help you craft more memorable and impactful answers to everyday questions like “What do you do for work?” and “What makes you different than the last ineffective real estate agent I hired?”

Practice, hone, and adapt your talking points in daily life. Figure out what seems to resonate in conversation and experiment with slight variations. You have already learned how to act like an expert. This exercise will teach you to talk like one.

Always Be You

This is where agents sometimes struggle. The Rule of Seven suggests that people need to hear a message at least seven times before they understand and accept it. That means you’ve got to be committed to your brand. It’s often tempting to go off brand when it feels like your expertise isn’t aligned with a particular opportunity. But this isn’t about chasing an opportunity. This is about developing a consistent and effective brand that will lead to ideal opportunities. That takes time and consistency. It’s perfectly fine to provide a wide range of real estate services, but nobody can be an expert in everything. Once you’ve figured out who you are, staying consistent will help you develop strong word-of-mouth advertising. Eventually, you will get opportunities even outside your specialty, because you have earned the identity of an expert.

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