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Offer National Interactive Study Group as a supplemental prelicensing education study tool.

National Interactive Study Group (ISG) is designed to increase student engagement for distance learners. After you adopt ISG, your students have access to a weekly live tutorial session covering national prelicensing key concepts on your REcampus portal. Covered in a 9-week intervals, the prelicensing topics can be viewed in any order, so your students can start at any time.

  • Available to an unlimited number of students

  • Increase your marketable value to online students

  • Improve visibility into students’ progress, and reduce the number of calls and emails to instructors

  • Increase your student outcomes, student satisfaction, and student completion rates

Differentiate your school’s distance learning from your competition!

“As a school owner and online instructor, I love those ISG sessions for myself and my students. Several of my students have used the sessions to prepare for the national and state exam, and they’ve all said ISG made the difference for them. High praise.”

Sheila H.Owner and Instructor at Real Estate Success Center

“I love the ISG! It helps me so much after hours of reading to finally hear the material explained to me.”

Kathleen B.Student
National Interactive Study Group FAQs

A: Just like other REcampus courses, students have an icon to access the Interactive Study Groups on their Dashboard. The link can be accessed at any time, but the room is not open until class time.

A: The topics rotate in 9-week intervals. So, if a student misses a topic, they may attend the next session.

A: National Interactive Study Groups are generally not held on holiday weeks. Please see the calendar for specifics.

A: Access is valid for 6 months from the original enrollment date.

A: The National Interactive Study Group appears in the REcampus Enrollment and Transaction Reports. The Enrollment Report shows if a student accesses the product.

A: Yes! We highly suggest including National Interactive Study Group with your prelicensing course so that all students have a better chance to succeed and experience a more in-depth learning environment. Adopt National Interactive Study Group as an add-on for one of our pre-built REcampus packages. Then, your students can purchase it in your portal.

A: National Interactive Study Group is available as a standalone product as well and is a great solution for a student who a refresher before taking the exam. Please contact your Client Success Manager to ensure the setup meets your needs.