The Fast Track to Real Estate Agent Success!

Real Estate Accelerator, a two-day intensive boot camp, will bridge the gap between earning a license and developing a robust book of business.

Benefits to Schools

This two-day intensive boot camp is designed to arm your students with business building skills and critical operating activities utilized by the nation’s most successful real estate agents. This system is a boot camp in-a-box that contains all the materials you need to facilitate the program. Conducting a boot camp program will provide you the opportunity to:

  • Diversify your offerings
  • Market to current and recent licensing students
  • Make stronger connections with students, so they are students for life
  • Enter the lucrative real estate coaching industry
  • Work with brokerages to help provide training for their recruits

Student Outcomes

Students who attend this program will leave with the following tools and will be prepared to implement
them into their careers immediately:

Business Plan designed to equip students with key business skills they need to be successful:

  • Writing SMART goals
  • Developing an actionable lead generation strategy
  • Understanding a successful P&L statement and money management plan
  • Formulating a budget that accounts for taxes and insurance

Marketing Plan designed to help agents with the following:

  • Developing a unique value proposition
  • Creating an effective online persona
  • Learning to strategically use search engine marketing, Zillow/Trulia, and
  • Understanding the value of a solid personal brand and logo
  • Determining and implementing appropriate marketing strategies that align with the agent’s
    personality type, market, and budget

Economic Plan designed to help students understand financial management roles as an
independent contractor

6-month CRM subscription to iXact Contact and the skills to build a database and launch activities

Sales Skills Best Practices checklist

6 weeks of access to KnowledgeDNA Goal Tracker

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