Just Released! Wisconsin Real Estate Principles v1.0

Wisconsin Real Estate Principles details Wisconsin real estate license law, regulation, and practice. Key concepts in state law and common law are covered, and each unit contains multiple-choice unit exams to test your students’ knowledge of the material and help them prepare for the real estate licensing exam. Extensive coverage of Wisconsin real estate forms provides your students with practice in reviewing and using the forms, complete with a sample transaction. Each unit is broken up into sections and contains learning objectives, true/false questions, and often practice activities or videos. These sections provide logical stopping points for students, so they can complete a lot or a little education in one sitting. The final exam is required for course completion, but there is no required pass rate. Students can use the exam to test their knowledge of the course’s concepts and prepare them to take the licensing exam.

Contents: Ownership of Real Property • Transfer of Property • Land Use Controls and Regulation • Valuing and Financing Property • Laws of Agency • Disclosure Requirements • Fair Housing Law • Agency Contracts • Contract Law and Approved Forms • Business Ethics, Trust Accounts, Licensure, and Supervision of Employees • Residential Rental Practices • Closing of the Residential Real Estate Transaction • Appendix A: Forms in Course/Forms for Story Problem • Appendix B: Answers to Story Problem • Appendix C: Test-Taking Tips—Salesperson Exam • Glossary • Final Exam

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-8799-2
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