Just Released! Virginia Post-Licensing: Risk Management v3.0

This 3-hour online course is designed to identify the areas of greatest risk for Virginia real estate professionals and to provide tips and techniques for managing risk. Students will learn ways to maximize risk reduction in general issues of legal liability. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, approximately two-thirds of lawsuits brought against real estate licensees are based on misrepresentation, negligence, or fraud. This course focuses on brokerage relationships and Virginia regulations. Other issues related to federal law, such as fair housing, the Americans with Disabilities Act, environmental protection, and antitrust laws, are also covered.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-8901-9
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Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Virginia Post-Licensing: Risk Management v2.0
ISBN: 0X32007132
Product Discontinuation Date: 01/02/2020