Just Released! Virginia Post-Licensing: Escrow Requirements v3.0

This 3-hour post-licensing course highlights the legal responsibilities of those who create escrow accounts as part of a residential real estate transaction and provides valuable information to ensure your students are compliant. Your students will learn escrow responsibilities of real estate licensees that are imposed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, including random inspections that are now a part of the practice of real estate in Virginia, and the possible outcomes of an inspection that reveals a lapse in escrow practices. This course also covers the use of an escrow account to accumulate funds used to pay property taxes, pay homeowner’s insurance, and collect rent payments from a tenant.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-8900-2
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Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Virginia Post-Licensing: Escrow Requirements v2.0
ISBN: 0X32007169
Product Discontinuation Date: 01/02/2020