Just Released! The Language of Real Estate v8.0 (MP3)

This companion to the best-selling book offers yet another option for students to learn and practice industry terms. The audio product gleans some of the most important information from the book, all in a mobile-device friendly format. Terms are grouped by topic, allowing students to focus on key terms from topics that interest them or are more difficult to understand.

Note: It is required that students download the MP3 files to a computer before transferring to a tablet or listening device.

Contents: The Language of Agency and Brokerage • The Language of Property Ownership and Transfer • The Language of Real Estate Law and Contracts • The Language of Deeds and Encumbrances • The Language of Title, Land-Use Controls, and Legal Descriptions • The Language of Finance and Federal Regulations • The Language of Appraisal and Property Management • False Friends

Product Details

Format: Audio/MP3
ISBN: 978-1-4754-8493-9
Retail Price: $30.83

Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: The Language of Real Estate v7.0 (MP3)
ISBN: 0X15180207
Product Discontinuation Date: 09/03/2019