Just Released! Texas Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals v3.0

This course provides comprehensive coverage of the marketing strategies and selling skills crucial for a successful career in real estate. Mixing entry-level concepts with advanced marketing theories, this course offers an interactive immersion into closing
techniques, sales plans, digital marketing, and much more. With key terms, reading comprehension quizzes, and interactive exercises, this course may also be used to fill a 30-hour salesperson annual education (SAE) requirement in Texas. New units on technology, online marketing, and social media strategies make this the most comprehensive guide for applying classic marketing and sales techniques to a real estate career.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 0X3014304S
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Online Course

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Product Name: Real Estate Marketing: Sales and Marketing 101 in Texas v2.1
ISBN: 0X3014302T
Product Discontinuation Date: 03/01/2017