Just Released! Texas Law of Agency v8.5 (with Online Proctored Exam)

This course has been updated to meet new TREC requirements. We added 60 questions to the final exam to achieve a total final exam bank of 180 questions and have mapped unit and final exams to learning objectives. In the course, students will learn the relationship between a principal and an agent, an agent’s authority, and an agent’s duties, including fiduciary duties and the disclosure of agency. They will also learn about the termination of an agent’s authority, employment law, deceptive trade practices, ethical problem areas, and listing or buying representation procedures.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-4593-0
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Online Course

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Product Name: Texas Law of Agency v8.0
ISBN: 0X3002359S
Product Discontinuation Date: 08/01/2017