Just Released! Solving the Downpayment Dilemma Online Video Course v1.0 (4-Hour)

For today’s homebuyers, one of the biggest hurdles is the amount of time it takes to accumulate enough money for a downpayment. In order to provide information and solutions to consumers, real estate professionals need to develop new tools and techniques that will help prepare consumers to take advantage of the marketplace. This course uncovers the innovative, and sometimes obscure, programs available to help individuals buy a home with little to no downpayment. This course also delves into current trends and nontraditional sources of downpayment funds such as crowdfunding.

CONTENTS: Identifying Consumers Who Need Information on Down payment Tools and Programs ● No Down and Low Downpayment Programs ● Crowdfunding Downpayments ● Analyzing the Home Search Process and Categories of Consumers in the Market

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