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Just Released! Mississippi Real Estate Principles v5.0

This 60-hour online prelicensing course is designed for aspiring Mississippi real estate professionals. It combines the latest edition of Modern Real Estate Practice with eight units of Mississippi-specific content. Students will cover Mississippi real estate laws and regulations and how they affect the day-to-day activities of licensees, including the duties of real estate professionals, the types of agency relationships allowed in the state, as well as the fair housing requirements. The units also detail state licensing requirements and the disciplinary powers of the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. Course material contains sample forms required by the state and also explains how and when those forms must be used.

CONTENTS: Introduction to the Real Estate Business ● Real Property and the Law ● Interests in Real Estate ● Forms of Real Estate Ownership ● Land Description ● Transfer of Title ● Title Records ● Real Estate Brokerage ● Real Estate Agency ● Client Representation Agreements ● Real Estate Contracts ● Real Estate Financing ● Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing ● Closing the Real Estate Transaction ● Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens ● Real Estate Appraisal ● Leases ● Fair Housing ● Property Management ● Land-Use Controls and Property Development ● Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction ● Mississippi Licensing Overview ● Mississippi License Law Enforcement Overview ● Real Estate Brokerage: Operating a Real
Estate Business in Mississippi ● Agency Overview ● Contracts and Closings ● Laws Affecting Real Estate in Mississippi ● Specialty Topics ● Title Issues ● Comprehensive Final Exam

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Online Course

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Product Name: Mississippi Real Estate Principles v4.0
ISBN: 0X30068204
Product Discontinuation Date: 04/01/2019