Just Released! Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v3.0

This course not only meets the licensing education requirement needed to obtain a real estate salesperson license in the state of Michigan, but it also contains the most current regulations and laws enforced at the state and national level.

This latest version is updated with the Michigan-specific units of Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals and combines them with the latest edition of Modern Real Estate Practice. Real estate math, required by Michigan for this course, has been added as well and is interspersed throughout the course.

Exams have been updated to better prepare students for the state exam—content from the state test is directly correlated with course unit and final exams. In addition, questions more closely align with the state testing outline, including questions that have been added to the final exam.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-0739-6
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Online Course

Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals v2.0
ISBN: 0X30140902
Product Discontinuation Date: 07/02/2018