Just Released! Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker Prelicensing v3.0 (with Online Proctored Exam)

Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker Prelicensing can be used to support a managing broker prelicensing course. This online course provides full coverage of the state’s required topics, including licensing and operations, managing licensees, and risk management. It has updated content that addresses the recent changes in the real estate industry and Illinois laws and rules. This course also includes instructional videos to enforce key concepts.

Students will learn how to manage a brokerage efficiently, from the recruiting and hiring process through transaction management and dispute resolution. In addition, they will learn how today’s marketing and advertising must follow federal and state laws, but when done correctly can set the brokerage apart from the competition.

The new online proctored final exam allows students to complete their course and final exam online. The Illinois Real Estate Division regulations require a final exam for all courses. Dearborn makes it as easy as possible to provide the final exam to your students through our new online proctored exams. After students complete the course, a proctored exam icon will become accessible on their course dashboard. The students will choose their proctor and simply complete an online form before gaining access to the exam.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 978-1-4754-7418-3
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Online Course

Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker Prelicensing v2.0 (with Online Proctored Exam)
ISBN: 0X32006300
Product Discontinuation Date: 12/03/2018