Just Released! Identity Theft: Protecting Your Clients and Your Business v2.0

The odds of experiencing identity theft are ever-increasing. Customers entrust their real estate agents with a wide variety of personal information. If it falls into the wrong person’s hands, the damage to the customer’s life and the agent’s reputation could be extreme. In this course students will learn how to respond if their personal information or their clients’ information is compromised. They will explore case studies and actual news stories to discover the methods thieves use to steal identities and what “red flags” to watch for. Students will also learn how to protect their business and to prepare for a potential data breach. From the world of the Internet to phone bills to confidential contracts, there’s never been more opportunity for identity thieves to strike. This course will provide the tools and information to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 0X32006754
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