Just Released! Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam 6th Edition

The latest edition of this guide follows the content outline for the AMP salesperson licensing exam. Each unit has a 70-question review and 20-item matching quiz, and there are two additional 110-question exams in the book. The Key Point Review-To-Go is especially useful for reviewing key topics just before the exam.

CONTENTS: Agency Relationships and Contracts • Real Property Ownership/Interest • Finance • Real Property • Marketing Regulations (Purchase and Rental) • Property Management • Real Estate Calculations • Appendix A: State-Specific Questions to Know • Appendix B: Forms • Glossary • Index • Key Point Review-To-Go

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Format: Book
ISBN: 9781475435740
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Product Name: Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam 5th Edition
ISBN: 9781427724922
Product Discontinuation Date: 08/01/2016