Just Released! Commercial and Investment Real Estate: Tools of the Trade 2nd Edition

Commercial and investment properties are a fast-growing segment of real estate. Sales opportunities are rich, but the rules for buying, holding, and selling real estate can often be completely different from those governing the residential realm. Your students, from beginning agents to experienced brokers, will begin to understand the numbers and formulas used to value properties and show investment returns through the many examples, case studies, and forms throughout the book. They will learn how to evaluate commercial properties, calculate cash flows, and negotiate capital gains taxes and 1031 exchanges.

CONTENTS: Commercial Real Estate Opportunities ● All About Office Buildings ● Retail Properties ● Industrial Buildings and Environmental Issues ● Leases ● Green and Green Leases ● Introduction to Financial Analysis ● The Value of Investments ● Forecasting Cash Flows ● Depreciation and Cash Flow After Taxes ● Selling Property: Capital Gains Taxes and 1031 Exchanges ● Dealing With Other Brokers ● Marketing for Success ● 2018 Tax Changes ● Answer Key ● Glossary ● Index

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