Just Released! California Real Estate Practice 9th Edition

This core text covers everything on building a successful practice, from disclosure to marketing to taxation. It contains student features such as checklists, contracts, CAR® and other sample forms, and quizzes and exams that closely replicate the state exam. It has been updated to reflect changes to the TILA-RESPA rule, including the new Loan Estimate form. A complete set of Instructor Resources includes discussion topics, student exercises, PowerPoints for each of the 15 Units, and a midterm exam and two final exams with answer keys.

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Format: Book
ISBN: 9781475435757
Retail Price: $45.28

Instructor Resources

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Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: California Real Estate Practice 8th Edition Update
ISBN: 9781475434934
Product Discontinuation Date: 10/03/2016