Real Estate Online Course Features

Our real estate online courses use the same quality content as our print textbooks and are presented in an engaging format with interactive activities favorable to adult learners:

  • Learning objectives for each unit
  • Interactive exercises clearly illustrating important concepts
  • Unit reading assignments
  • Unit quizzes
  • Tailored content to individual states (pre- and post-licensing & CE)
  • Easy-to-use, friendly interface
  • Quizzes and exams to help students measure their understanding
  • Full technical support for both students and administrators

Online Learning Options

Online delivery options are available for many of our titles and feature innovative technology with proven testing methods and study plans to keep students focused and better organized. We’ve made several updates to the instructional design of our courseware to drive improved student outcomes:

  • Real estate licensing and continuing education courses are tailored to state e-learning requirements.
  • Learning outcome statements (LOS) have been assessed to ensure that they accurately represent observable, performance-based outcomes.
  • Discrete learning activities have been reorganized and sequenced in some courses to provide students with a clearer learning path.
  • Assessment and remediation functions and activities have been updated to enhance concept retention.
  • Rich interactive activities (RIAs) have been updated and added to provide a more engaging learning experience.

REcampus Real Estate Bookstore

By utilizing the REcampus bookstore, you can increase your revenue opportunities with no inventory costs. You have the opportunity to pick and choose which books you would like to offer in your real estate bookstore. You offer the books on your dedicated REcampus site, we stock the books in our warehouse, and we ship them to your students while you increase your revenue!