Fully Hosted Real Estate Online Learning Solutions

Are you ready for the new wave of online education? Dearborn offers both asynchronous online and live online education through our REcampus platforms.


REcampusLIVE is a co-branded virtual classroom that allows you to conduct courses live online.


REcampus is a fully hosted asynchronous real estate distance education solution.

Why Online Learning?

There are many reasons why more and more people utilize online education to achieve their higher education goals. Instructors can optimize the timeliness and focus of the curriculum, students can more easily fit learning into their schedules, and, as a result, schools spend less on training students with larger returns on their investment. Online learning offers a number of advantages for schools looking to develop a new program or curricula, and none is bigger than the ability to offer training anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Online Real Estate Education

  • Increase your geographic reach. You are no longer limited by student drive times to your physical classrooms
  • Recession-proof your business. Reduce your overhead by shrinking your physical classroom footprint
  • Host regulated and non-regulated courses
  • Technical support for schools and students
  • User-friendly interface
  • Prominent school branding on every page
  • Begin classes anytime and study anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Enables student-centered teaching approaches
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved retention: stop, start, rewind each lesson as often as you like
  • Course progress tracking and immediate exam results