March 2015 Newsletter

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Real Estate Education Newsletter | 2015 Fortieth Edition
Dearborn Instructor Resources

Dearborn’s Instructor Resources are designed to make your life easier! Most of our materials come with a full set of PIN-protected Instructor Resources and teaching aids that can be seamlessly incorporated into your instruction and curriculum.

Instructor Resources vary by title but can include any combination of the following resources:
Timed course outlines

Lecture outline

Learning objectives

PowerPoint presentations

Student exercises and activities
Quizzes, exams, and test banks with answer keys
Case studies, discussion topics, and class activity suggestions
Lesson assignments
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Upcoming Renewal Dates
Just a reminder- several states have license renewal deadlines coming soon:
Delaware: 4/30
Illinois (Broker): 4/30
Maryland (Salesperson): 4/30
Rhode Island: 4/30
Connecticut (Salesperson): 5/31
Pennsylvania: 5/31
Vermont (Salesperson): 5/31
North Carolina: 6/30 (CE due by 6/10)
Indiana (Salesperson: 6/30)
Minnesota: 6/30
Missouri (Broker): 6/30

South Carolina: 6/30

West Virginia: 6/30

Now Available…2015 California, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas Educator’s Guides
We are pleased to announce the release of the 2015 California, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas Educator’s Guides.
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