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Website Design: Creating a Visitor-Friendly Site

By: Dearborn Real Estate Education

Attracting students can be challenging for real estate schools. Without a solid website strategy, real estate schools may lose customers to competitors. Website design is important to attracting and engaging with potential real estate students. The design should align with the overall strategy of the website and marketing plan including short-term and long-term goals.

Before creating site designs, it’s helpful to define which elements your pages will contain, including:

  • Navigation links. Which links will remain on pages throughout the site?
  • Site functions. Functions include site search, RSS feeds, newsletter sign-ups, registration or sign-ins, contact links, and so forth. What are your needs today? How do you see them changing? Develop a wish list of capabilities that you might like to phase into future design updates.
  • Design. What brand elements should the site connect with? Graphic treatments, logos, imagery, color palette, and so on.
  • Copy. What is the brand voice? How does that voice speak to the different audiences it encounters online?

Initial Site Design

Good design uses simple navigation to quickly walk users through their chosen content path.

A few key considerations:

Minimize the number of clicks.

Use links and other navigation tools to direct users to information as quickly as possible.

Choose clean and simple fonts and colors.

Some print fonts don’t translate well to the web. Choose web-safe fonts to ensure that visitors see what you’ve intended with even the most basic systems.

Use images and graphics that support the content.

Unnecessary icons and graphics create visual clutter. Always be sure to assign alt tags to images in case visitors view the site with images turned off.

Keep your audience in mind.

If you have a tech-savvy audience that will access content from tablets and phones, make sure the site design supports easy viewing from these devices by keeping key links easy-tofind and near the top of the page.

Keep copy concise.

Enable visitors to click links if they are interested in more or related information.

Design with content hierarchy in mind.

Important items that are viewed often or that are key revenue generators need to be prominent. Using web analytics tools that allow you to analyze visitor paths can help you prioritize where items should appear on a page.

Mobile Friendly

If you have a tech-savvy audience that will access content from tablets and phones, make sure the site design supports easy viewing from these devices.

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