Preparing New Licensees for the Reality of Real Estate Sales

Preparing New Licensees for the Reality of the Real Estate Business

By: Dearborn Real Estate Education

Most people come into the real estate business certain they will be successful. Armed with the confidence of completing their prelicensing course, passing the state licensing exam, and earning their license, they are mentally prepared to take on the challenges ahead of them. But success doesn’t just happen in the real estate business. All new agents encounter setbacks they didn’t anticipate. They struggle to secure clients early on, and they sometimes feel alone and unprepared for certain challenges inherent to the profession.  

Real estate is incredibly competitive, and the skills, tools, and knowledge it takes to pass the licensing exam are not the same skills, tools, and knowledge needed to develop a business plan, market their services, develop a pipeline of leads, and market their clients’ properties.

The real estate industry is survival of the fittest. You’re essentially tossed into the deep end of a pool with your hands tied behind your back, and you can either sink or swim. But is that the right way to look at it? How many great potential real estate agents have been lost to other professions because they weren’t armed to get their business off the ground, or even know where to start? Unfortunately, many of these licensees never really get the opportunity to reach their full potential, because they don’t receive the training they need to get their business running.

As real estate educators, what can we be doing to better prepare our students for the realities of life as a real estate agent?

Of course, the prelicensing curriculum is what it is. Your students are there to complete the required education and get the knowledge they need to prepare for the exam. Developing their business skills won’t do them much good if they can’t answer the questions on the state licensing exam. But we believe this presents
an opportunity to serve your students with a new type of real estate course that complements the prelicensing curriculum…and prepares them to start their careers on the right foot.

Most newly licensed real estate professionals feel a strong bond with the school and instructors who provided their prelicensing education. There’s a natural relationship of trust built on the foundation of a positive classroom experience. If there’s anyone in the world they would be open to receiving business and sales training from, it’s that school and/or instructor. Of course, there are students who, after paying for prelicensing education, paying exam fees, and dealing with the costs of launching their business, may be apprehensive about spending more money on training. But the advantage this type of training would provide for them could more than pay for itself in the increased speed to their first payday as an agent, as well as their longevity in the business.

Dearborn is committed to helping new and struggling agents become more successful. We also recognize this as an opportunity for the community of real estate educators we serve. In that spirit, we have developed a new product called Real Estate Accelerator, a two-day intensive boot camp-in-a-box designed to help your students bridge the gap between earning a license and developing a robust book of business. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can diversify your offerings while taking an active role in improving the success rate of your newly licensed agents, reach out to us at

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