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As the real estate industry rebounds, we can expect more aspiring professionals in need of real estate licensing and continuing education. Dearborn is not only excited about the market momentum, but also about the new product offerings we are developing to support this growth.

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When your school succeeds, Dearborn succeeds! Not only do we provide you with the industry’s leading content and real estate school support, but we also provide you with tips on marketing your school to increase your enrollments and revenue.

When you place an order with Dearborn, you are purchasing more than just real estate education materials…you are purchasing a complete teaching system. Most of our materials come with a full set of Instructor Resources and teaching aids that can be seamlessly incorporated into your curriculum.

The strength of Dearborn lies in our dedication to continually produce the highest quality and most up-to-date educational content for real estate schools. Even after a title has been published, we strive to update the content of that book as we learn of new changes. These updates will be posted on the Instructor Resources webpage under ‘Errata’ and are not PIN-protected, giving instructors and students easy access at any time.

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