Just Released! Maryland Ethics and Predatory Lending v4.0

This interactive course satisfies Maryland’s 3-hour ethics requirements. Topics include an extended discussion of the Maryland Code of Ethics and how it pertains to contemporary real estate concepts like flipping and predatory lending. A popular choice for Maryland real estate licensees, this new version contains the latest legislative updates and reflects current real estate practices in Maryland.

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Format: Online Course
ISBN: 9781475438994
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Modern Real Estate Practice in Georgia is the go-to resource for students preparing to take their licensing exam, fulfilling a college requirement, seeking guidance about an investment property, or simply expanding their knowledge in this growing field. This updated version contains five new units dedicated to the practice of real estate in Georgia, including the latest legal updates, forms, and exercises.

Discontinued Product Information

Product Name: Maryland Ethics and Predatory Lending v3.0
ISBN: 0X30123003
Product Discontinuation Date: 01/02/2018