Trends that will affect real estate education in 2017

5 Big Trends that Will Change Real Estate Education in 2017

Heading into 2017, we are collectively at a place where we need to look critically at what we’re teaching, who is teaching it, who we are teaching it to, and how it’s being taught. Here are the 5 areas where you can expect to see real estate education evolve in the coming year.

Adults Learners versus Child Learners: The Challenge of Teaching Real Estate

Children and adults have unique characteristics and needs as students. We talked with Carmel Streater, PdD to better understand those differences, and how they should influence the way you teach a real estate course.

Teaching Everything Else

Teaching real estate continuing education courses is not a job for the faint of heart. Our students experience level ranges from wet-ink-on-license to grizzled veterans who know it all.

The Real Estate Instructor’s Toolbelt

The following are suggestions to reduce the number of complaints to regulators and to increase the level of satisfaction and engagement of our students with stories:
Controlling Your Audience

Controlling Your Audience Graciously

“Controlling your audience”… sounds kind of harsh, doesn’t it? Yet, if you’ve ever led a training session, you’ve probably found yourself in one of these situation where you've lost the attention of your audience.